Boundless Retrieval

Please take a moment to learn more about the Boundless Retrieval Staff. Feel free to book a service with any staff member of your choice. 

Our mission is to improve the lives and mental health of individuals and families through prevention, intervention, treatment, support, and education. Holistic Health and Healing Center utilizes a holistic approach to mind-body healing, utilizing a variety of modalities which are individualized to each person and/or family’s needs.

Danille Hollingsworth

Danielle Hollingsworth

Chief Executive Officer

Danielle is very aware of her metaphysical side. She has jumped off the cliff to use her talents for the community. The concept of Boundless Retrieval has always been a dream of Danielle's. It is Danielle's love for healing that has motivated her to open this healing center in these trying times in 2021. Danielle is available anytime to answer any questions as she looks forward to meeting as many people as she can and providing healing for her community. 



Reiki Healing 

Geralyn has been attracted to Holistic healing most of her life. She learned about and had her first Reiki treatment over 24 yrs ago. It was during a session of her own that the practitioner felt her own healing energies and encouraged her to develop her own gifts. She has been taught and trained to develop these gifts of healing and empathy through Usui Reiki Natural Healing Science and has received Enhanced Level I-First degree practitioner and Reiki Level II-2nd degree healing practitioner. Geralyn is currently undergoing training as Reiki Master and furthering her knowledge of healing crystals and sound vibration healing. She is constantly in training to bring more love and peace to the world around her...


Reiki is a subtle and effective form of energy healing using spiritually guided life force energy, the energy which fills our whole universe and all living things. This energy is channeled through the hands of the practitioner into the body of the receiver. It can bring one's body back to a natural balance while bringing on deep relaxation, stress relief, and possible healing. Reiki can relieve anxiety, aid in deeper sleep, relieve pain and help support the immune system


*Full Reiki Session:

45 - 60 minutes, includes consultation before session $70

*30 minute Reiki Session: $35



Crystal Healing

Courtney is an intuitive healer who uses a variety of healing modalities to help clients improve their mental, emotional, and physical wellness. She is a certified crystal healing practitioner, reiki master, and vibrational sound healing therapy practitioner.

Courtney also does consultations on Human Design charts for clients to learn whom you are meant to be and not how you’ve been conditioned to be in life. Human design is a roadmap in discovering how to be your best self and see the unique differences in everyone. 

Each Session begins by identifying within the Chakras. We will work with crystal, Reiki, oils, Sounds, or a combination of both. At the end of the session, I will give you suggestions on what you can do at home to work on supporting the continued balance of your body. 


30 Sound Healing Session Minutes - $45

60 Sound Healing Session Minutes - $85

90 Sound Healing Session Minutes - $120


Shayleen Halloran

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions with Shayleen Halloran Whether you are trying to up-level your wealth, health, relationships, or just trying to find more meaning and purpose in life, Rapid Transformational Therapy offers incredible healing and direction. Shayleen is an excellent guide on the side to help you navigate your life on your terms. Stop revolving/recovering from the past, and start creating and building the life of your dreams!



Sound Healing Therapy

Hi, my name is Samantha or Sam for short. I am a libra sun, cancer moon, and Cancer rising. I love
astrology and everything metaphysical. I enjoy working with crystals, tarot cards, and much more! Ever since I was young, I noticed how intuitive and sensitive I was. I am self-taught for sound healing however, I am now certified through classes and have been practicing sound healing for 3 years. This kick-started my love for sound healing beginning with music, but when I first experienced it by listening to crystal bowls being played, it gave even more confirmation on how helpful it truly is. I love to meet new people and creating long-lasting connections. 


Intuitive Coach & Spiritual Guide

Aarti Tejuja is an intuitive coach and spiritual guide. She can help you to unblock mental traumas, ancestral and familial wounds and deeply ingrained habits so that your inner wisdom becomes free and accessible. With greater access to your inner wisdom, you will begin to make decisions more soundly, free yourself from difficult obstacles, see your own gifts and begin to see how to offer those gifts into the world. Aarti uses a conversational approach and works as fast or slow as the client wishes to go. Aarti also uses ancestral healing techniques, meditations and ritual for clients who wish to go beyond just conversation. 


Aarti’s sessions are an hour and a half long. She offers single sessions as well as 5 session packages if you’d like to see her on a more regular basis.  


To book a session with Aarti, visit