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Discover the team behind Boundless Retrieval


Danielle Hollingsworth
Psychic Medium & Spiritual Healer

Danielle's dream becomes a reality as she watches Boundless Retrieval unfold.

In her role as an intuitive medium, Danielle places a tremendous emphasis on providing a supportive, safe, and divine environment for other healers to work in.

An unparalleled sanctuary for the soul, Boundless Retrieval is the perfect place to bring people together. 

A vital function of Danielle is to keep like-minded people together throughout the healing process, enabling them to feel accepted and supported by a group of understanding and caring people.

Danielle is devoted to providing healing to our community. Please feel free to contact her with any questions you may have.


 Gabriella Zwoll
Eastern Medicine Reflexologist
Sports Reflexologist

Gabriella is an Eastern Medicine reflexologist/ sports reflexologist who relies on the bond between mind, body, and spirit in order to heal a specific medical related alignment. Each treatment with Gabriella aims at keeping the qi flowing properly through the body in order to trigger mind and body repair, prevent disease, and unlock mental and physical trauma. Qi is a circulating life force that travels through specific meridian points on the body. When qi flows properly, it is designed to empower the body and mind to experience renewal and recovery in a non-invasive way that leads to being a normal human being again.

The mind and body have a direct relation because the body achieves what you tell it to do. We can tell the brain to send certain chemical messages to the body by applying pressure and sound tuning forks to the specific qi meridian points on the body in order to heal physical and mental alignments. These alignments are what cause dysfunction in the body, mind, or both. This dysfunction can present as physical pain, mental disease, organ issues, insomnia, intense discomfort during pregnancy and labor, etc. If qi becomes interrupted in the body, then disease can manifest. Qi can become interrupted from stress, dehydration, unhealthy diet, pollution, being overworked, and from not sleeping 6-8 hours regularly. Reflexology is an alternative medicine approach in rebalancing the body from the daily hardship it endures.

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